Jill Waldron

Jill Waldron

Vice President of Sales, Emerald Isle

Jill Waldron is the Vice President of Sales at Emerald Isle,  a Merchant Service Provider specializing in local cost effective POS solutions. Powered by Card Connect, a First Data company,  their solutions include electronic payments, POS hardware, Mobile solutions, Next Day Funding and PCI compliance.   

Jill started in the telecommunications industry in 1990 as the co-founder of Boston Telecommunications Company.  At the height of the payphone industry she had helped the company acquire over 1,000 payphone stations throughout New England. 

Jill has  demonstrated a history of success in the payment industry, leveraged by her companies belief in transparent rates, integrity and innovation. Her in depth knowledge of Electronic Payment Options, the life cycle of a transaction, payment reconciliation, and POS systems enable her to offer the best solutions to meet all of her customers needs. 

In her free time Jill loves to be outdoors, preferably on a tennis court or in a kayak in Southeastern Mass.

Contact Info

Email: Jill.Waldron@eimerchant.com

Phone: 617-515-7756

Website: eimerchantservices.com