Jeff Garr

Jeff Garr

Founder, HR Knowledge, Inc

Founder/President of Network 128

Jeffrey Garr founded HR Knowledge/AdminaService, Inc. in 2001. Prior to this Jeff spent over 20 years in the Sales/Sales Management/HR arena. Jeff’s experience includes helping to start a Fidelity Investments Company named, HR Logic, Inc. in 1996, a Human Resource outsourcing company. This experience gave Jeff the inspiration to start AdminaService in 2001 and ultimately merge with HR Knowledge, Inc. in 2005.

As a Pioneer to the HR Outsourcing Industry Jeff sensed there was a need for small to mid-sized businesses to outsource their HR Functions often times those companies were ignoring HR within their companies. When companies ignore HR they put themselves potentially at risk.

HR Knowledge provides services in an integrated model including Payroll, HR and Benefits. They employ over 50 people.  For information our website is and phone 508-339-1300.

Jeff is active with the Mansfield Rotary Club and served as President. Jeff has led their annual auction for numerous years raising over $325 thousand dollars in funds for various charities.

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